The fact that you got out of bed today.

That you are still breathing,

is good enough for me.

Keep going. (via weakflowers)

#thinspooo #ana #quote #motavation #skinny #pretty #love #writting


#thinspooo #ana #quote #motavation #skinny #pretty #love #writting

An unmotivated person talks about making changes while a motivated person MAKES changes.
fragileminded (via bookoffragilebones)


Treat yourself in the same way you’d treat the person (or animal) you care about most in the world.

The Road to Success


1. It will hurt.
2. It will take time and effort.
3. It will require commitment.
4. It will require perseverance.
5. You will need to keep on making make healthy decisions.
6. It will require pain and sacrifice.
7. You will need to push yourself to the max at times.
8. There will be tough days and discouragement.
9. There will be temptations that you’ll have to push against.
10. But it will all be worth it – and you’ll get there in the end.